Future Drive & Northside Drive Extension

Project Status: future projectConstruction

The management of the project was transitioned to the City of North Charleston on November 17, 2009. Weber Drive (renamed Ingleside Boulevard) construction is complete. Construction for Future Drive and Northside Drive Extension was awarded June 7, 2013 and work began in October 2013. Utility work to extend a sewer main through the project area is currently underway.

Project Description

The three-phase project is intended to provide traffic congestion relief by means of connecting U.S. Highway 78 to both Palmetto Commerce Parkway and Northside Drive (the existing frontage road along Interstate 26 that connects to Ashley Phosphate Road). The project will build three new four-lane roads and will provide motorists with additional route options within the currently congested area. In addition to alternative travel routes, the project provides access for future development upon approximately 1,000 acres of adjacent property.

Phase-1 of the project, Weber Drive, begins at the intersection of Hwy-78 and Shipley Street (approximately 3,000 feet west of the I-26 / Hwy-78 interchange) and will extend southerly for approximately 2,000 feet.

Phase-2 of the project, Northside Drive Extension, will connect Weber Drive to Northside Drive with approximately 3 miles of new roadway. Two bridges will be constructed to cross McChune Branch (commonly referred to as Blue House Swamp) and one of its tributaries.

Phase-3 of the project, Future Drive, will connect Northside Drive Extension to Palmetto Commerce Parkway. A bridge will be constructed to pass over Norfolk and Southern's railroad track.

Major components and features of the project include:

  • Hwy-78 will be widened to provide two left turn lanes onto Weber Drive
  • Weber Drive will have two left turn lanes and two right turn lanes onto Hwy-78
  • Approximately 1,000 feet of Northside Drive will be improved to provide turn lanes into Norwalk Drive and Oak Leaf Drive, enclosed drainage, sidewalks, and streetscaping.
  • Each new road will feature an enclosed drainage system with curb and gutter
  • Each new road will have a 5 foot sidewalk on one side and a 10 foot multi-use path on the other
  • The sidewalks and multi-use paths will continue across the proposed bridges which also include a decorative pedestrian railing and bollard pathway lighting
  • Intersections will be equipped decorative mast-arm traffic signals, handicap ramps, color-stamped crosswalks, trash and recycle bins, and benches
  • Each new road will include street lighting utilizing state of the art LED technology to provide efficient lighting with reduced maintenance and energy costs
  • Each new road will include irrigated 6 foot wide landscape strips between the roadway and sidewalk / multi-use path planted with oak trees
  • Weber Drive incorporates a series of raingardens, which are landscaped storm water retention swales, to treat stormwater while providing an appealing landscape to adjacent motorists and pedestrians.
  • Phase-2 and Phase-3 will include storm water filters to protect the water quality of Blue Hose Swamp.
  • Sewer and water mains will be extended along the new roads in cooperation with the North Charleston Sewer District and the Charleston Water System.
Past Public Meetings

March 15, 2007

May 25, 2006

  • Southrail Road and North Oakridge Circle Extension
    (part of Future Drive Project)