Harbor View Road Improvements

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The Harbor View Road Improvements project was substantially completed in early April 2017. The goal of this project was to improve traffic flow and safety for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Improvements were made on approximately 2 miles between North Shore Drive and Fort Johnson Road. The project was identified as a priority by the municipalities and funded by Charleston County’s Transportation Sales Tax Program and CHATS Federal Guideshares. Charleston County’s Transportation Development staff managed the project in close coordination with the Town of James Island, City of Charleston and the S.C. Department of Transportation.

Improvements included:

  • A center two-way left turn lane between North Shore Drive and Affirmation Boulevard.
  • Right turn lanes at major intersections between North Shore Drive and Fort Johnson Road.
  • Traffic signals at Fort Sumter Drive and Mikell Drive.
  • North Shore Drive converted into a right in, right out street.
  • A roundabout at Harbor View Road and Fort Johnson Road.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle facilities for the entire length of the project.
  • More than 200 new trees and landscaping for the entire length of the project.
  • New sidewalks along Harbor View Road.
  • More than 20,050 feet of drainage pipe installed.

The public can expect to continue to see crews in the area over the next couple of months as punch-list items are handled.

Project Documents
Past Public Meetings (click to view)

Information handed out during past public meetings is not necessarily representative of current project plans that may have changed based upon public input during the meetings. However, we are including any handouts/graphics/information for historic reference so the public can see what was provided during the meeting(s).

April 30, 2013
A public meeting to present the proposed design regarding the Harbor View Road Improvements Project for public comment was held on April 30, 2013 from 7-9 pm at Stiles Point Elementary School. The purpose of the Public Information Meeting was to provide updated information on the project, Proposed Alternative design and environmental review process. Two hundred and thirty seven (237) persons attended the meeting and approximately three hundred (300) comments were received from the community.

February 16, 2012
A third public meeting was held at the Stiles Point Elementary School from 6-8 p.m. on February 16, 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to gather comments regarding proposed design revisions to the proposed project. Three hundred and fifty (350) persons attended the meeting and a total of four hundred and seventy (470) comments were received from the community.

July 17, 2007
A Public Hearing was held July 17, 2007, to present to the public the preferred alternative for the project and solicit comments regarding the proposed design.

September 28, 2006
The second public meeting was held September 28, 2006, to brief citizens on alternatives for the Harbor View Road Improvements Project and to gather comments regarding the proposed alternatives.

June 29, 2006
A public meeting was held at the Harbor View Elementary School from 7-9 p.m. on June 29, 2006. Ninety-nine citizens were in attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions (click to view)

Q: Why is Harbor View Road being improved?
A: Harbor View Road had been identified for improvements in several reports and documents prior to the 2004 voter approval of the half-cent transportation sales tax. The James Island Transportation Plan, completed in October 2001, recommended the addition of a center turn lane, bike lanes, and sidewalks on Harbor View Road from North Shore Drive to Fort Johnson Road. The addition of a center turn lane on Harbor View Road was also requested by former Town of James Island Mayor, Mary Clark, in 2004. Harbor View Road was also included in priority lists of projects identified by the City of Charleston in the lead up to the 2004 transportation sales tax referendum. The November, 2004 voter approved referendum for the Transportation Sales Tax Program identified improvements to Harbor View Road as a project to be funded by the proceeds from bond issuances.

Q: Was there public involvement to determine the design and needs of the community?
A: YES. Public input on the proposed improvements to Harbor View Road was initiated in November 2004 when Charleston County voters approved the Transportation Sales Tax bond referendum and the allocation of a portion of the $77 million in bonds, specifically designated for the proposed project. A minimum of five public meetings have been conducted over the course of the previous studies, including the 2005 and 2007 traffic studies and the 2007 Environmental Assessment. The latest meeting was a Public Information Meeting held on April 30, 2013 to provide the community an opportunity to review final design changes that had been incorporated. Two hundred and thirty-seven (237) persons attended the meeting and a total of two hundred and ninety-one (291) comments were received.

Q: How long will construction take?
A: The contract duration is two years and is anticipated to be completed by September of 2016.

Q: What time of the day will construction take place?
A: Construction activities can occur at all times during the day, however construction work that requires a lane closure will only occur at night. Night-time lane closures are permitted only between the hours of 8pm to 6am Sunday thru Thursday nights and 7pm to 8am Friday thru Saturday nights. Traffic flow should not be restricted during daytime or peak travel times.

Q: What do the stakes along Harbor View Road represent?
A: There are a number of reasons stakes have been placed along the project corridor; they can represent tree protection fencing, construction limits, utility relocation, erosion control fencing, right of way limits, and many other items. These are all types of staking that need to occur during the project, and the staking in many cases will be placed beyond the construction limits, but all should be within the right of way and not on any personal property.

Q: Is new landscaping being installed as part of the project?
A: YES, one hundred twenty-two (122) three inch diameter trees and eighty-two (82) four inch diameter trees of differing variety will be installed. Also, numerous types of other vegetation will be planted along the corridor and at the traffic circle. A complete list of all landscaping to be included in the project scope can be found on the project webpage.

Q: What is the fencing along Harbor View Road?
A: There are two types of fencing along Harbor View Road. The green construction fencing is tree protection fencing to ensure construction crews do not disturb tress that are to be protected during construction. The black fencing is erosion control silt fence which is installed per environmental requirements and is designed to retain sediment in place where soil is being disturbed by construction processes.

Q: Will the project require some of my personal property to construct?
A: Additional right-of-way was required for the construction of the project and all right-of-way acquisition is complete.

Q: How will the traffic lights at Fort Sumter Drive and Mikell Drive operate?
A: The signals will operate at all time during the day and night, but both signals will have loop detectors in the pavement on Harbor View Road and the side street approaches. The signals will stay green for Harbor View Road through traffic unless a vehicle is detected on the side road or a pedestrian pushes the call button to cross the road.

Q: Can you ride a bicycle on the new sidewalks?
A: YES. There is not any state, local, or municipal code, ordinance or law which prohibits a person from using a bicycle on the sidewalk along Harbor View Road from North Shore Drive to Fort Johnson Road.

Q: What will happen to my mailbox during construction?
A: Your mailbox will always be maintained during the entire duration of the construction project.

Q: Why is the Buxton Bridge not being widen to four lanes?
A: Widening the Buxton Bridge to four lanes would not provide any traffic congestion relief because Harbor View Road is two lanes on both approach sides of the bridge. Further, the Buxton Bridge is outside of the project limits and improvements to the bridge is beyond the project funding availability. Extending the project limits to the Buxton Bridge would result in wetland impacts outside what has already been permitted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer and cause significant project delays.

Q: Will I be notified of construction work?
A: Charleston County will notify the public of construction activities through the County Public Information Officer (PIO) via Traffic Alerts and Media Releases. We will also keep the town of James Island and the city of Charleston abreast of our construction activities. The project webpage will also be kept up to date with major milestones and project information. Furthermore, if you would like to receive notifications regarding Traffic Alerts and Media Releases for the project, please register your email on the project webpage under the Signup for Project Updates tab.

Q: If I have questions about the Harbor View Project who do I contact?
A: Please contact Molli LeMin the Project Manager at either mlemin@charlestoncounty.org or (843)202-6154.