Legareville Drainage Study

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Project Description

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of the Legareville Drainage Study is to address drainage issues in the Legareville community. During large rain storms, local residents experience excessive flooding on their property. This project consists of obtaining field information, providing engineering analysis of drainage patterns, and developing alternatives to correct the existing drainage issues in the Legareville community.

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Project Documents

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Past Public Meetings

A public meeting was held March 11, 2009 from 6-8 p.m. at the St. Johns Fire Department located at 4550 River Road. 23 citizens attended the meeting.

An informational packet was distributed to the citizens who attended the public meeting. The packet included three alternatives that were developed for the study and the pros and cons of each alternative. Citizens are encouraged to review the handout and provide feedback regarding the proposed alternatives. To view the handout distributed click here. The public comment period has expired (as of March 25).