Loop Ramp from James Island Connector to Folly Road

Project Status: future projectFuture Project

The project is on hold pending a decision regarding the Mark Clark Expressway (I-526) completion alternative.

Project Description

The James Island Connector loop project involves improvements to the intersection of the James Island Connector and Folly Road. The proposed improvements encompass a total of 1.20 miles of the James Island Connector and Folly Road. The major components of the project are as follows:

  • The existing double left-turn lanes and associated traffic signal will be removed and replaced by a 370-foot diameter loop ramp to carry traffic from the James Island Connector onto Folly Road southbound.
  • Construction of a 200-foot-long bridge to carry one lane of the James Island Connector over Folly Road.
  • The widening of Folly Road to add an additional southbound lane for weaving and merging of loop ramp traffic for a distance of 0.19 miles between the end of the proposed loop and Ellis Oak Drive.
  • Construction of a 5-foot wide concrete sidewalk on the west side of Folly Road and a 10-foot wide asphalt shared use path on the east side of Folly Road within the project limits.
Project Documents

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