Maybank Highway Improvements

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Project Status: future projectConstruction

The project has evolved since its inception and the first public hearing on September 26, 2007. Charleston County Council approved the most recent project scope on April 22, 2014. The Maybank Highway Improvements Project has been divided into phases, and development continues to be ongoing concurrently for all phases of the project. Each phase of the project serves a unique and separate purpose and need; all of which aim to improve traffic flow and safety on Maybank Highway, as well as provide adequate bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

Maybank Highway Improvements Phasing Display
Maybank Highway (S.C. 700) Improvements

Phase 1: Purpose is the resurfacing of Maybank Highway from River Road to its intersection with Main Road/Bohicket Road and to add paved dedicated bicycle lanes. *COMPLETE*

Phase 2:Purpose is to alleviate the afternoon congestion on the Paul J. Gelegotis Bridge caused by the merging of the two travel lanes to one travel lane onto Johns Island. The improvements proposed will widen Maybank Highway to include the continuation of the lane from the bridge over the Stono River to the existing right turn lane at the intersection of River Road, and to provide bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

Tree Impacts:Two grand trees are direct impacts and will be removed due to construction. The first is a 42” Live Oak which currently leans out over the road, and will need to be removed to allow for the vertical clearance of vehicles. The second is a 32” Red Oak at the end of its life span, and will not be tolerant of construction which will encroach on the buttress roots of the tree, making it unstable and a hazard to the road. An additional 9 trees will be removed as indirect impacts. Eight grand trees will be removed because they are dead or in poor condition, therefore presenting a hazard. One 24” Gum trees will also be removed because it is at the end of its life cycle.

Phase 3: Purpose is to alleviate congestion at the intersection of Maybank Highway and River Road by providing alternative routes. The improvements include construction of two new location-parallel routes (Northern and Southern Pitchfork Roads) from Maybank Highway to River Road.

Project Description

The intent of the Maybank Highway Improvements Project is to improve traffic flow and safety on Maybank Highway and to provide adequate bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

The project was requested by the City of Charleston and is funded by the Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax. It is one of the projects that voters in Charleston County approved in the second Transportation Sales Tax bond referendum in November 2006. This authorized the County to issue an additional $205 million in bonds, which will be repaid through Transportation Sales Tax revenues.

Project Documents
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