Palmetto Commerce Parkway - Phase II

Project Status: completeComplete

The Palmetto Commerce Parkway Phase II project was approved using the design/build method. Construction began January 5, 2009. The project was divided into three segments:

  • Segment 1 - The last mile of the project on the Ashley Phosphate end.
  • Segment 2 - The beginning section of Phase II that starts at the end of Palmetto Commerce Parkway Phase I, and wass just over one mile in length.
  • Segment 3 - The middle section of the project between Segment 1 and 2. It was approximately 1 3/4 miles in length.

Construction Status (updated March 2011)
The project has been completed and the road was opened to traffic on March 23, 2011. A ribbon-cutting event was held on Wednesday, March 23 to announce the project's completion. Click here to see pictures from the ceremony.

Project Description

The Palmetto Commerce Parkway-Phase II project is now complete! Palmetto Commerce Parkway Phase I begins at Ladson Road (S-76) and extends for approximately 1.7 miles to a dead end. Palmetto Commerce Parkway Phase II extends approximately four miles to Ashley Phosphate Road (S-75) with a divided four-lane road and planted median. The primary purpose of this project was to provide a north-south connector linking Ladson Road and Ashley Phosphate Road. The connector improves the road network in this area of North Charleston and accommodates inner-regional travel. The extension of Palmetto Commerce Parkway relieves traffic on nearby roads, such as Dorchester Road and I-26, and provides a better distribution of traffic in the area.

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