SCDOT Superstreet Project

Project Description

The project proposes to make improvements to the intersection of US 17 (Savannah Highway) at S-20 (Main Road) by converting the intersection into a Superstreet. At a Superstreet intersection, left turns are replaced with a downstream U-turn followed by a right-turn. The USDOT Federal Highway Administration describes a Superstreet intersection as an innovative, proven solution for improving safety and mobility at intersections ("North Carolina Super Streets." USDOT-FHWA Innovator, Issue 44, pp. 12).

To learn more about Superstreets please watch the following video provided by USDOT Federal Highway Administration. Alternative Intersections: Median U-Turns

Project Background

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is managing the improvements to the intersection at US 17 (Savannah Highway) at S-20 (Main Road). Estimated to cost $3.5 million, the project is funded jointly by SCDOT and Charleston County. As approved by council action 13-9 at a regular meeting of county council on January 23, 2013 council approved the expenditure of up to $1.5 million in funds from the Transportation Sales Tax program. SCDOT identified that the proposed superstreet design to be the most practicable and preferred alternative for the improvements to this intersection. Improvements to the intersection of US 17 at Main Road is ranked under the Federal Highway Administration Highway Safety Improvement Program and approved by the SCDOT Commission. This intersection was also identified for improvements in a Traffic Study completed in 2009 for Charleston County.

Updates To Council
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Emily Toler
South Carolina Department of Transportation
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